Theme song – the Introduction

A few years back (about 3 years ago now!!) me and Gaf went ahead and recorded the intro for the film. We recorded it at our base – the HQ of Empty Productions. We wanted the intro to feel French, so we gathered our equipment together, and added anything to it that we thought was ‘French’. Along with the accordion, the best thing we had was a glass of red French wine, pitch perfect to the song, creating the ‘oooooo’ type noise somewhere in the middle.

It was a fun and great evening recording the track. Here’s the full length version, which will go over the intro:

Since then, Gafyn, the sound engineer, the man at the at the Helm, has been very busy in Uni, creating all sorts of awesome music for many different things. Check out his work at – if you need anything done, get in touch with him! (check out the studio under ‘Picture Gallery’ too!)

The intro will be paced out to the song – the action on the screen will coincide with the slow/fast pace of the song. Let us know what you think folks!


About iestynroberts

I'm a 3D Character Animator, studied animation at Animation Mentor. A mountaineer, surfer, enjoy kayaking, and going on my dirt bike.
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