Cafe Props

Here’s a screen grab of a diner type stool that will be used in the set:

Diner Chair

I modelled this back in 2007, and looking at it now, even though it’s a simple chair, I’m quite happy with how it looks, and the way it’s modelled.

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Very old artwork

It’s awesome going through old files. I’ve just come across a couple of drawings I did, just to try and get used to my Wacom Tablet I bought back in the day. Here are just two, very rough sketches, I created, just to try and see what style we were going for:

Teaser Poster Test

And here’s a very quick sketch design for the main character ‘Silent’:

Silent, character desgin

It’s nice looking at them, from not seeing them in such a long time, but things will be a lot different from these images when the film goes back into the visualizing stage.

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Theme song – the Introduction

A few years back (about 3 years ago now!!) me and Gaf went ahead and recorded the intro for the film. We recorded it at our base – the HQ of Empty Productions. We wanted the intro to feel French, so we gathered our equipment together, and added anything to it that we thought was ‘French’. Along with the accordion, the best thing we had was a glass of red French wine, pitch perfect to the song, creating the ‘oooooo’ type noise somewhere in the middle.

It was a fun and great evening recording the track. Here’s the full length version, which will go over the intro:

Since then, Gafyn, the sound engineer, the man at the at the Helm, has been very busy in Uni, creating all sorts of awesome music for many different things. Check out his work at – if you need anything done, get in touch with him! (check out the studio under ‘Picture Gallery’ too!)

The intro will be paced out to the song – the action on the screen will coincide with the slow/fast pace of the song. Let us know what you think folks!

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Environment Modelling


Here are some ‘Diffuse’ Renders of the Set of the film so far. The story is set in an old cafe. I’m currently modelling all the set – and then I will be going into it, making things look old and worn out – textures and shaders will play a big part in this. The set isn’t totally finalised just yet, so I’m building and blocking things in, just to get the feel for the place. We kinda know what vibe we want there, so I’m pretty certain we can nail it within no time.

Outside of the Cafe

Cafe Inside

Till Area


Packageman :) (for scale)

Grocery Store - next door

Stay tuned for some more images, character design etc real soon!
– Iestyn

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Hello world!

Welcome to the new blog, showing our progress on our Animated film – Sound of Silent.

Here, I’ll be uploading everything to do with the film, from character designs, environments, render tests, various stages of animation, sound design – everything imaginable to do with the film!

I hope to update this blog weekly, as we plan on finishing this film in the near future.
– Iest

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